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A study of the American white ibis in southern Florida yielded weight ranges of 872.9 to 1AWI are found from Virginia via the Gulf Coast of the United States south through most of the coastal New World tropicsAdults have black wingtips that are usually only visible in flightAmerican White IbisAmerican white ibis measure 20.531 cm 8.112.2 in along each wing have a tail measurement of 9.312.2 cm 3.74.8 in a tarsus of 6.7511.3 cm 2.664.45 in and a culmen of 1116.9 cm 4.36.7 inAnimalsBirdDuring the first ten days of the breeding season the skin darkens to a deep pink on the bill and an almost purpletinted red on the legs It then fades to a paler pink and the tip of the bill becomes blackishFL IslandIbisIn nonbreeding condition the long downcurved bill and long legs are bright redorangeIslandIt is difficult to determine the sex of an adult American white ibis from its external appearance since the sexes have similar plumageJ.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife RefugeLandformsMarshNational Wildlife PreserveNatureNorth AmericaSanibel Island FLThe American white ibis Eudocimus albus is a species of bird in the ibis family ThreskiornithidaeThe length of adult female and male birds ranges from 53 to 70 cm 21 to 28 in with a 90 to 105 cm 35 to 41 in wingspanThe white plumage and pink facial skin of adult American white ibises are distinctiveUSAUSA IslandUnited States of AmericaWestern HemisphereWetlandWildlifeaverage weights of 1there is sexual dimorphism in size and proportion as males are significantly larger and heavier than females and have longer and stouter billsweighing 036.4 g 2.285 lb for males and 764.5 g 1.685 lb for femalesweighing 261 g 1.924 to 2.780 lb for males and 592.7 to 861.3 g 1.307 to 1.899 lb for females© 2017 Rick Waller© Rick Waller