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Burney Falls

The fabulous roar of Burney Falls California is all you hear while you are drenched in cool mist. No wonder President Theordore Roosevelt called it the Eighth Wonder of the World!

the Eighth Wonder of the World by President Theodore Rooseveltthe valley where Burney died129 feet high154 at the 2010 census6 miles 10 km north of Burney CaliforniaBodies of WaterBurney CABurney CreekBurney FallsBurney Falls waterfall on Burney CreekCACaliforniaCalifornia WaterfallCamera ControlsCascade rangeEnvironmentGolden StateLakeLandformsLandscapeMcArthurBurney Falls Memorial State ParkMossMountain rangeMountainsNatureNew Hemisphere. Western HemisphereNew WorldNorth AmericaNorthern HemisphereOvercastParks SP NP NM ArcheologicalPhotographyPlantsPublic LandsSceneryShasta CountyShutter SpeedSierra Nevada rangeSouthwestern United StatesSpringState ParksU.S.U.S.A.USAUSA SpringsUnited StatesUnited States of AmericaWaterfallWeatherWestern Hemispherealmost constant flow rate of 379 million litres per dayatmosheric conditionbody of watercascadecataractchutedeclared a National Natural Landmark in December 1984fallfallsfed by underground springs above and at the fallsfly fishing in Burney Creek. McArthurBurney Falls Memorial State Park is the home to the Burney Fallsformed by undercutting of horizontal stratafresh waterlocated about 4 miles west of junction with State Route 89 on State Route 299named after pioneer settler Samuel Burney who lived in the area in the 1850s. The McArthur Family were pioneer settlers who arrived in the late 19th centurynamed after settler in the area in the 1850s Samuel Burneynatural underground springoutflowoutpouringpopulation was 3rapidssecond oldest state park in the California State Parks Systemshootsilky waterslow shutterstratigraphicallycontrolled springstemperaturethe Statesunderground springsweirwind© 2016 Rick Waller© Rick Waller