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500 2009 000 cubic feet 42 000 feet 1 000 feet 900 m from base to summit along its tallest face 000 m2 site historically preserved 000 m3 occurred from ahwiyah point on march 28 025 m 129 feet high 150 million years ago 154 at the 2010 census 170 °f 80 °c water temperature 1989 the work of restoration and extension was completed 1st beach 262 feet 2 308 m 32°024n 80°5058w 32.006672 425 feet 739 m from the top of upper fall to base lower 430foot 440 m plunge placing it among the twenty highest waterfalls in world 444 m above the valley floor 518 m is a mountain pass located on the continental divide in yellowstone national park wyoming 520 m above tenaya creek 573 ft 2 6 miles 10 km north of burney california 70 ft 21 m below the eurekanorth peak is vista point known as 'christmas tree point' 737 ft 1 80 percent of the northwest half original dome may well still be intact 80.849374 926 feet 3 a 145mile 233 kmlong tributary of the san joaquin river flowing from sierra nevada into central valley a diurnal a large pebble. it was these smooth cobbles a large raptor a large rock slide of 1 a study of the american white ibis in southern florida yielded weight ranges 872.9 to 1 abstact abstract accipitridae hawks buzzards caracaras and forest falcons adults have black wingtips that are usually only visible in flight aerial photography aigrette air alaska alaska range alcoholic algae living in the warm pools have tinted travertine shades of brown orange red and green alligator alligator tail almost constant flow rate of 379 million litres per day alstroemeria alstroemeria also commonly called the peruvian lily or of incas alta sierra ca amaryllidaceae amaryllis belladonna is a native of the western cape region south africa particularly rocky southwest area between olifants river valley to knysna amaryllis family amaryllis is a small genus of flowering bulbs amaryllis ˌæməˈrɪlɪs is the only genus in subtribe amaryllidinae tribe amaryllideae american bison american buffalo american white ibis american white ibis measure 20.531 cm 8.112.2 in along each wing have a tail measurement of 9.312.2 3.74.8 tarsus 6.7511.3 2.664.45 and culmen 1116.9 4.36.7 ananda village anasazi anasazi pueblo farmers ancient pueblo peoples and fish hawk and several cannon other military hardware are on display and stood 90 feet 27 m tall angels rest trail animals annual beach bum parade antigua green stone any given bird species travels roughly the same route every year at almost time arborescent treelike cactus arch rock arches np utah 38.68°n 109.57°w architecture architecture buildings bridges ruins arctic wolf arizona arms art art breakthrough art pieces artillery artistic arts culture music ashton id astrophotography atlantic ocean autumn avalanche fissure average weights of 1 awi are found from virginia via the gulf coast of united states south through most coastal new world tropics baby sage baby sage in mexico is called mirto de montes or myrtle of the mountains baby sage is a very complex species which easily hybridizes that result in numerous hybrids and cultivars brought into horticulture since the 1990s baby sage specific epithet microphylla from the greek means small leaved barker dam basket maker people battery brumby 1898 battery brumby ruins battery garland built in 1899 battery garland houses the tybee museum bay beach bear because of the huge amount geothermal vents travertine flourishes becoming a slowmoving waterway bird birds birds in flight bison black bear blackcurrant sage is a perennial shrub found in the wild southeastern arizona and mountains of eastern western southern mexico blue hour boats bobcat bovidae bovinae brick fence bricks brown on the upperparts and predominantly greyish head underparts brush feathers buffalo building built as a chapel school. great antilles earthquake 1843 built in 1773 built in early 19th century bulbous perennial plants bulbous plant bull elk burney ca burney falls burney falls waterfall on creek bw cactus calcium carbonate caldera california california cityscapes california desert california gold rush country california mule deer odocoileus hemionus californicus california waterfall camera controls canyon canyon wy canyonlands np utah 38.2°n 109.93°w cap rock caribbean church carnations carnegiea giganteais caspar ca cat family felidae cat large cathartidae new world vultures eagles harriers kites and old chinatown chinese lantern chinese sign chocolates cholla cactus cholla cactus garden church abbey city market city skyline cityscapes civil war civil war fort clear lake clients cliff clouds clouds rest clouds rest is a mountain in yosemite national park east northeast of village california clouds rest is a thin almost knifelike ridge of rock called an arête cobblestone cobblestones are stones frequently used in the pavement of early streets. cobble diminutive archaic english word cob meaning rounded lump coit tower colloms columbia river gorge comes from the liberta area of antigua complex uplifting and faulting of the region composed almost entirely of the pale and coursegrained el capitan granite emplaced approximately 100 mya million years ago conglomerates construction continental divide continental divide yellowstone coopey falls county city community parks coyote craig pass craig pass el.8 craig pass was named by the early yellowstone road builder with u.s. army corps of engineers hiram chittenden in honor ida who first visitor to cross after completed september 1891 and a daughter chittendens friend general james creek cross crystal hermitage gardens cubs current blackandwhite tower markings are a reversion to its fourth day mark first used in 1916. the tybee island light station is one of just handful 18thcentury lighthouses still operation north america. daffodil daggett pass ca death valley np california nevada 36.24°n 116.82°w declared a national natural landmark in december 1984 deer deer fawns delphinium denali denali np alaska 63.33°n 150.50°w depth desert dogwood double arch drink dropping a total of 2 duck during the first ten days of breeding season skin darkens to a deep pink on bill and an almost purpletinted red legs it then fades paler tip becomes blackish each of which bears a cluster two to twelve funnelshaped flowers at their tops easter easter baskets easter bunny easter eggs egret el capitan el capitan is a vertical rock formation in yosemite national park located on the north side of valley near its western end el capitán the captain elevation 7 elk elk antler arches embarcadero environment eroded sandstone and sand dunes erosion essentially eureka peaknorth peak and noe peaksouth event falcon falconidae falcons fall fall flower fallen leaf lake fallen rocks fed by underground springs above and at the falls fences ferry building san francisco fighting firearms firehole lake firehole lake drive firehole river first built in 1736 fish eagle fisheating bird of prey with a cosmopolitan range fl island floral florida flower bud flowers fly fishing in burney creek. mcarthurburney falls memorial state park is the home to fog followed by extensive erosion food food and drink foothills formed by undercutting of horizontal strata formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs formed when glaciers eroded away solid rock to form tenaya canyon and little yosemite valley forsyth park fort fort bragg ca fort point san francisco presidio fort screven ga fort screven historic district fort screven was first commissioned in 1899 and named for brigadier general james found on all continents except antarctica fox freesia fresh water frozen frozen river fruit fsi stock gardner river canyon gathered from stream beds genera egretta or ardea generally at about 170 °f 80 °c genus carnegiea genus tulipa georgia georgia cityscapes geothermal geothermal pools geothermal vents geranium gerbil geyser glacier glacier point gladiolus callianthus glow gold country golden gate bridge golden hour gordon street graham's sage grand canyon of yellowstone grand loop rd. grand teton np wyoming 43.73°n 110.80°w grass valley ca grasses gray lodge wildlife preserve great salt lake great white heron gridley ca grown from a bulb of overlapping scales. there are about 100 species lilies guns haint blue half dome half dome is a granite at the eastern end of yosemite valley in national park california halloween harris hawk having all of its support buildings on the 5acre 20 hawk haze heron highest points in san francisco except mount davidson hiking hiking trail hill historic route 30 historical usa highways holidays home to the first of what would eventually become days inn chain hotels honey bee canyon park oro valley horizontal milky way house hummingbird hummingbirds are among the smallest of birds with most species measuring 7.513 cm 35 in length hummingbirds are birds from the americas that constitute family trochilidae hummingbirds are the smallest extant bird species with 5 cm 2.0 in bee hummingbird weighing less than g 0.07 oz hummingbirds have the highest metabolism of any homeothermic animal hwy 191 hwy 26 ibis ice idaho idaho state park idaho waterfall in flight in nonbreeding condition the long downcurved bill and legs are bright redorange in south america it occurs only as a nonbreeding migrant indio ca industry inlet instruments used in attacking or defending combat iris irvingtonian stage isa lake isa lake is believed to be the only natural in world which drains two different oceans isa lake is located in yellowstone national park the u.s. state of wyoming isa lake is named after miss isabel jelke of cincinnati isa lake straddles the continental divide at craig pass and was first discovered in 1891 by hiram m. chittenden while exploring best routes for a road to connect old faithful west thumb geyser basins island it is difficult to determine the sex of an adult american white ibis from its external appearance since sexes have similar plumage it is most well known for its swift and steep course through the southern part of yosemite national park worldfamous valley it is unclear if the native american name referred to a specific tribal chief or simply meant rock j.n. ding darling national wildlife refuge jackson hole jackson wy jackson wy old town japanese maple jeree copyright john d. rockefeller jr. memorial parkway jonquil and lenten lily joshua tree joshua tree ca joshua tree np california 33.79°n 115.90°w kayak kayaking keys view kingsbury grade la push wa lake lake tahoe landforms landscape leaves light painting light polution light rays lighthouse lilies are generally defined by their classification such as asiatic oriental and martagon lillium lily limestone limestones liquor little blue heron little remains of the original fort due to redevelopment area for housing little san bernardino mountains located about 4 miles west of junction with state route 89 on 299 located in the sierra nevada mountains of california located near the geographic center of san francisco california logogram low clouds lower glen alpine falls lower yellowstone falls lower yellowstone falls cascades from the 590 lower yellowstone falls is the largest volume waterfall in rocky mountains of united states lower yellowstone falls rate of flow is much less than that niagara as the river only 70 feet 21 m at point which it goes over and 2600 790 in width approaches crest line horseshoe lower yellowstone falls volume of water flowing can vary from 680 cu fts 19 m3s in the autumn to 8400 240 at peak runoff late springtime lower yosemite fall is the final 320foot 98 m drop adjacent to an accessible viewing area lycoris squamigera lynx rufus mackerricher state park making it the highest structure in america at that time. original lighthouse has been replaced several times. second was built 1742 when beach erosion threatened first. part of third site mammoth hot springs mammoth hot springs is a large complex of on hill travertine in yellowstone national park adjacent to fort and the historic district mammoth hot springs lie outside the caldera boundary but their energy has been attributed to same magmatic system that fuels other yellowstone geothermal areas mammoth hot springs was created over thousands of years as water from the spring cooled and deposited calcium carbonate mammoth wy maple marsh marysville ca materials mcarthurburney falls memorial state park meadowlark medical doctor lafayette h. bunnell of the mariposa battalion noted that his party named summit clouds rest because they returned to camp avoid a snow storm after seeing rapidly settling down upon mountain merced river mesa arch mesa falls mesa falls scenic byway middle cascades is between the two obvious main plunges there are a series of five smaller collectively referred to as cascades. accounts for total drop 675 feet 206 m that more than twice height lower fall migration migratory birds migratory birds travel some or all of this distance both in spring and fall as they follow food sources while heading to breeding grounds travelling overwintering sites milky way milky way center mission mississippi river missouri river moab ut moapa indian reservation moapa valley more than 150 million years old morning moss most notable for one of its former commanding officers general the army george c. marshall mount mckinley denali mountain mountain pass mountain range mountains munitions naked lady bulbs produce one or two leafless stems 3060 cm tall naked lady lily named after pioneer settler samuel burney who lived in the area 1850s. mcarthur family were settlers arrived late 19th century named after settler in the area 1850s samuel burney narcissi narcissus national historical parks and sites national natural landmark national parks national wildlife preserve natural arch nature near the city of savannah in southeastern united states nest nesting nesting in any location near a body of water providing an adequate food supply nevada nevada city ca nice ca night shots night sky north america north american mammal north window northeasternmost of georgia's sea islands northern hemisphere oakland bay bridge san francisco occupation has been dated from 300 b.c.e. to 1150 c.e. ocean ocotillo patch ocotillo tree officer's row old town olympic np washington 47.97°n 123.50°w one of the world's favorite challenges for rock climbers and base jumpers orange orange lily orchids ordnance oregon oregon waterfall originally referred to any small stone rounded by the flow of water ornithologists and bird lovers can often predict to the day when a particular species will show up in their area oro valley oroville ca osprey over 20m 70ft tall overcast ower yellowstone falls 44°4305n 110°2946w are 308 feet 94 m high and nearly twice as niagara pacific flyway pacific northwest pacific ocean painting palace of fine arts pandionidae the osprey park avenue peacock orchid peacock orchid also known as gladiolus murielae abyssinian gladioli acidanthera callianthus peregrine falcon perennial petroglyphs photography pictogram planets plants point cabrillo light station state historic park polution pond population was 3 possibly yosemite's most familiar rock formation poulsbo wa preening prehistoric users purple quail springs queen valley rainbow raindrops raptors birds of prey reaching more than 60 cm 24 in length and 180 71 across the wings red red fox red rock red rock cliffs red sandstone formations reflection religion religious reptile residential buildings revolutionary war river river hawk roads rock abrading rock art rock carving rock climbing rock croppings rock engravings rock incising rock picking rodant ruins ghost town ruins of the beach fortifications rutting season sage sagittariidae the secretarybird saguaro cactus sail boat salvia microphylla baby sage san francisco san francisco bay san francisco ca sandstone sanibel fl sanibel island fl savannah savannah beach savannah courthouse savannah ga savannah river walk sea hawk sea stacks seasons second oldest state park in the california parks system sett is quarried or shaped to a regular form setts are often idiomatically referred to as cobbles shales shallow circulation along this corridor allows norris' superheated water to slightly cool before surfacing at mammoth shasta county sheep pass campground sheffeild wy sheffield campground ship ballast shutter speed sierra nevada range signs silky water silver heron slow shutter small church without tower snow solar system south lake tahoe spanish el lagato sports activities spot lighting spring spring blooms spring flowers spring wildflowers springflowering st. barnabas anglican church stands at barnabas hill stars state historical landmark monument state parks still stands as the bottom 60 feet 18 m of present lighthouse. top 94 29 current lighthouse were added in 1867 stone carvings storm stratigraphicallycontrolled springs strauss strigidae typical owls studio studio spring flowers sun rays sunflower sunrise sunset sunset trees swan valley hwy swan valley id takeoff taylor creek tern terrace mountain at mammoth hot springs is the largest known carbonatedepositing spring in world teton county wy textures that paved the first cobblestone streets the ahwahneechee people called waterfall cholock fall and believed that plunge pool at its base was inhabited by spirits of several witches poloti the american white ibis eudocimus albus is a species of bird in family threskiornithidae the chief was taken to be a loose spanish translation of local native american name for cliff the east side of lake drains by way lewis river to pacific ocean and west firehole atlantic opposite what one would expect since is the eighth wonder of world by president theodore roosevelt the euchee tribe likely inhabited island in years preceding arrival of first spanish explorers area 16th century the formation was named el capitan by mariposa battalion when it explored valley in 1851 the formation's name is often contracted to el cap the fort served as a valuable part of coastal defense until it was decommissioned in 1947 the grand tetons the granite crest rises more than 4 the granite monolith extends about 3 the hot water that feeds mammoth comes from norris geyser basin after traveling underground via a fault line runs through limestone the impression from valley floor that this is a round dome which has lost its northwest half an illusion. can be seen washburn point as thin ridge of rock callled arête and oriented northeastsouthwest with southeast side almost steep except for very top the length of adult female and male birds ranges from 53 to 70 cm 21 28 in with a 90 105 35 41 wingspan the lighthouse was made of brick and wood the main village of ahwahneechee native people yosemite valley was located at base falls the mammoth terraces extend all way from hillside across parade ground and down to boiling river the merced river pronounced mersed in central part of u.s. state california the mostly solid granite northwest face rises 5 the oftphotographed tybee island light station the osprey pandion haliaetus the osprey tolerates a wide variety of habitats the pacific flyway is a major northsouth for migratory birds in america which extends from alaska to patagonia the plunge pool at base of lower fall is surrounded by dangerous jumbles talus made even more treacherous high humidity the river's character changes dramatically once it reaches foothills and lowlands the south the summit elevation is 9 the summit was conquered by george g. anderson in october 1875 via a route constructed drilling and placing iron eyebolts into smooth granite the trend of this ridge and that tenaya canyon is probably controlled by master joints the twin peaks are two small hills with an elevation of about 925 feet 282 m the valley where burney died the western meadowlark adults have yellow underparts with a black v on breast and white flanks streaks the western meadowlark has a flutelike warbled song unlike simple whistled call of eastern the western meadowlark has a long pointed bill head is striped with light brown and black the western meadowlark is state bird of kansas montana nebraska north dakota oregon wyoming the western meadowlark sturnella neglecta is a mediumsized blackbird the western meadowlark upperparts are mainly brown with black streaks the white plumage and pink facial skin of adult american ibises are distinctive the windows there is sexual dimorphism in size and proportion as males are significantly larger heavier than females have longer stouter bills time of day town square townhomes transcribed as totokon oolah or totockahnoolah transportation travel travertine tree trees tulip tunnel view turret arch twentynine palms ca twin peaks twin peaks is one of the few remaining habitats for endangered species mission blue butterfly habitat conservation twin peaks natural area tybee is the euchee word for salt. tybee island ga tybee island is an and city in chatham county tybee island light station tybee island's strategic position near the mouth of savannah river has made northern tip ideal location for a lighthouse since georgia's early settlement period tybee lighthouse is a popular tourist destination tytonidae barn and bay owls u.s. air force dropped an atomic bomb by accident united states united states of america up trees upper mesa falls upper yosemite fall has a 1 upper yosemite fall is formed by the swift waters of creek that meanders through eagle meadow us highways usa usa beaches usa island utah utah lake vacation condo valley of fire arch rock has formed over many millennia by strong winds and rain slowly washing away the materials holding its sand grains together valley of fire sp vintage usa highways vulpes wahkeena falls war warm river washington water droplets water fountain water reflection watercolor waterfall waterfront wdp wdp card art wdp card art. pink wdp location image wdp locations wdp wp weaponry weapons wedding weighing 036.4 g 2.285 lb for males and 764.5 1.685 females weighing 261 g 1.924 to 2.780 lb for males and 592.7 861.3 1.307 1.899 females western hemisphere western meadowlark wetland wetlands white bison wild animals wild roses wildflowers wildlife wildlife preserve willard bay reservoir willard ut william coleridge bishop of barbados and the leeward islands williams wine winter within yellowstone national park wyoming united states wolf worldmark condo wuchtigem green stone wyoming yellow yellow pond lilies yellowstone falls yellowstone falls consist of two major waterfalls on the river yellowstone np wyoming montana idaho 44.60°n 110.50°w yellowstone river yellowstone river flows north from lake and leaves the hayden valley plunges first over upper falls then a quarter mile 400 m downstream lower where it enters grand canyon of that is up to 1000 feet 304 deep yosemite yosemite ca yosemite creek emerges from the base of lower fall and flows into merced river nearby yosemite falls yosemite falls is the highest waterfall in national park yosemite falls rainbow yosemite np california 37.83°n 119.50°w yosemite valley yuba river canyon yucca valley ca © 2009 rick waller © 2016 rick waller © 2017 rick waller © rick waller
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